Picnic in Venice


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Konnie Ellis

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Italy! A century ago, E.M. Forster’s heroine in his novel A Room with a View faints dead away when she witnesses a gangland killing in Florence’s Piazza della Signoria. But slowly the vivid otherness of Italy teaches this outwardly conventional English girl to trust her own passionate heart.

The Sailing Master, Book Three: Letter of Marque


Lee Henschel Jr.


 Fans of The Sailing Master Books One & Two, the wait for the third and final volume is over!

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The Sailing Master Book One: Coming of Age, the ebook, is available from Kindle. Or borrow a copy from the Kindle Lending Library. $4.50 – Buy The Sailing Master Book One for Kindle

Club of the Stars—a Samba of Survival in the Slums of Brazil

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Maria Leda Souza Hogan

In her memoir Club of Stars, Maria Souza Hogan details life and death in the inhumane slums where she lived with ten brothers and sisters. The lives of her extended family, her poverty-stricken community, women in particular, are intrinsic to her story.

Club of Stars evokes the rich African heritage, cultural celebrations and oral history of northern Brazil where Maria and her family’s home in the favela was bordered by the tempestuous Atlantic Ocean on one side and a dangerous two-lane highway on the other.

A collective memory that demands to be heard, Club of Stars shines a light on the blunt reality of Brazil’s inequality and social injustice. Maria vividly articulates what it is like to go hungry for days on end, to go to school without shoes or books, and, though hungry herself, to tutor well-fed students in order to pay for school supplies and food.

“Maria Souza Hogan’s memoir tells the heartbreaking story of her family striving for survival in the least developed region of Brazil. Despite depicting poverty’s tragic reality, Club of Stars is profoundly inspiring not only for its human truth, but also for the inherent hope it highlights.”

Cecília Rodrigues, Assistant Professor of Portuguese, University of Georgia


An epic fantasy by James Petrillo

The last Immortal King of Ashyer has fallen, bringing down the wrath of the dragons: fiery horrors from the sky who have subjugated the races of Ashyer for a thousand years. But there is a new way to cast off the shackles of dragon rule and free Ashyer from the terror of Dragonshade forever. Young Prince Frost possesses a forbidden weapon his father forged in secret, violating centuries-old treaties, and he is willing to wield it to free his people. To do so, he will have to unearth ancient secrets in lost kingdoms, fight his way through countless foes, and even travel to the world of the dragons, which circles Ashyer like a diseased moon.
Frost will first have to unite unlikely allies from across the known world into a team of brave rebels—
*A childhood friend who also happens to be the kingdom’s finest thief,
* An apprentice wizard who will soon command the fury of the storm,
* A strange woman who assumes the guise of a Black Knight,
* A wizened general whose sword can cut through space and whose ferociousness in battle belies his age,
* A waif with striped hair who commands more power than most adult wizards,
* A vigilante woman slinking in alleyways who harbors the greatest secret of all.
Ghosts from the past and even nature herself will rise up to aid Frost in his quest.
But will it be enough?
Here be dragons! You should never, ever cross a dragon unless you are very sure you won’t get burned.

Red Bricks

Love and treachery in the old southwest

by Anne Muccino

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Red Bricks, the debut novel by Kansas City writer, Anne Muccino, is set in the desert southwest circa 1930. JT Swain is just seventeen when he loses everything that matters to him, his father and the ranch he grew up on. The young man sets out on horseback to find the connectedness suddenly gone from his life. He meets Dalia Jackson, the fifteen-year-old, half-Nahua Indian, half-white daughter of a wealthy New Mexico rancher, and quickly discovers that the rebellious young woman sees her place in the world as equal to that of any man. Strangely drawn to Dalia, when JT learns that she has disappeared, he sets out to find her, challenging the law when he must, tracking her into the barrios of Juárez, Mexico, where he witnesses firsthand the cruelty of human trafficking.

In prose reminiscent of Cormac McCarthy, at once savage and tender, Red Bricks by Anne Muccino offers no easy outs, instead asking us to contemplate the paradoxical nature of loss and redemption, of the razor’s edge between life and death. Muccino’s stunning debut explores both what it means to be harmed beyond recognition and what it means, finally, to recognize one’s own strength. This is a riveting and deeply moving novel, one of the best I’ve read in a long while. Anne Muccino is a talent to be reckoned with.
—Abigail Dewitt, author of
News of Our Loved Ones

Anne Muccino’s debut novel is a literary gem. It is rich in detail and remarkably authentic. Catch up on your sleep. The time and place in Red Bricks are so vivid, with characters so real, so poignant, you will not want to put this book down. This is a beautiful, moving, absorbing experience, destined to become a classic.
—Dawn Shamp, author of
On Account of Conspicuous Women

Amazon reviews—

From Georgesreview: Work of Art! Triumphant debut into the literary world for Anne Muccino. Her character building is engrossing from beginning to end. A wonderful story of ones love for another and what the main character will do in his pursuit for justice and happiness, all in superb literary flair. Ms. Muccino is a talented author and I cannot wait for her next novel.

Deborah Cook says: Inspiring Novel. In a superb debut novel, Anne Muccino tells an endearing story of a young man suffering tragedy and loss as he battles his own inner turmoil. As he travels through locales described in vibrant and realistic detail, his character artfully unfolds and triumphs through courage and love. A compelling work of literature well worth reading.

Eileen Farley: Red Bricks was amazing! Great book! Loved the storyline and characters! Looking forward to reading more books from Anne Muccino.

From Amazon Customer: Excellent read. I received this moving book as a Christmas gift, and what a gift it is, indeed. The story kept me engrossed and the characters stayed with me long after I finished the last page. I immediately lent it to my sister whose response after reading it was to recommend it to her writing group. I can only hope this is the first of many such novels by Anne Muccino.