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New Releases 2023

Lost Lake Folk Opera V6 – Covid-19 2020 Special Issue

Lost Lake Folk Opera Covid-19 2020 Special Issue $12.99 – Purchase online Writers reflect on Covid-19, the border closings, quarantines, lockdowns; George Floyd and the aftermath of peaceful protests hijacked by riotous smashers, looters, arsonists; U.S. Census work in Boston, Buddhist meditation in Bali, and so much more. FEATURING Emilio DeGrazia Larry Gavin Julie A. Ryan Louis Martinelli Emilio Regina Jennifer Wang Becky Boling Steve McCown Jim Johnson Waliyullah Tunde Abimbola A.S. Arcilesi James Petrillo

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Dreaming with Open Eyes

Poems for Vincent Van Gogh Louis Martinelli $17.95 – Purchase online Louis Martinelli’s grand performance in language guides us through the psyche of Van Gogh, surrounds his sorrow, illuminates his achievement, exalts in the ecstasy of painting he gave the world. I will savor these poems and for a long time to come. —Jason Berry, author most recently of City of A Million Dreams: A History of New Orleans at Year 300   Lou Martinelli’s

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Delta Eddy Sparks $17.95 – Purchase online Full disclosure: I knew Delta Eddy when she was Gary. The dedicatee of her elegy “Student,” Anthony Piccione (d. 2001), who is a central presence in Sparks, was an English Department colleague and close friend of mine. Delta writes, “I keep / walking toward my teacher’s home. He’s moved deeper into the woods, his poems crows / flying silent among bare trees.” And by way of this book,

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Steve McCown Debut Collection Ghosting $17.95 – Purchase online When Steve McCown finally gathered together the pages for this book he was probably a bit surprised to realize he had been a poet for the better part of his life. What possessed him all those years? A courage and curiosity to see where distant roads and nearby doorways might lead. An eye for the authentic and for what matters most. An urge to find words––the

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No One Left Behind

An Unexpected Educational Adventure at Machu Picchu Deb Pitton $17.95 – Purchase a print copy online. Professor Deb Pitton led a group of education and healthcare students to Peru and Machu Picchu in 2010. When rain swelled the mountain rivers, flooding downstream villages, the group was trapped and struggled to remain together waiting to be evacuated. No One Left Behind, Deb Pitton’s personal account of what was to become a legendary study abroad trip is

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Reluctantly Exposed

  GL Smit $17.95 – Purchase a print copy online. “Truth with a twist is funnier than fiction.” GL Smit’s stories are often poignant, always wry, and they walk the fine line between memoir and fiction with humility and wit.

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