Green Blade 2015 Edition

The annual literary magazine of the Rural America Writers Center, Plainview, Minnesota, published through a special partnership with Shipwreckt Books.



Su Smallen

Dan Butterfass

Melissa McNallan

Nicole Borg

Susan McMillan

Emilio DeGrazia

Kit Rohrbach

Nancy Hengeveld

Jennifer Jesseph

Patricia Barone

Nicholas Ozment

Dee Bezoier

Kate Halverson

Betty J. Benner

Tim J. Brennan

Ken McCullough

Peter Allen

Steven R. Vogel


Peg Bauernfeind

Emilio DeGrazia

P.S. Duffy

Kit Rohrbach

Donna Halvorson

Benj Mahle

Craig Falkum

Peter Allen

Marcia Savela

Nancy Hengeveld

Nicholas Ozment

Tom Driscoll

Dogma Charlie 21


Glen Timm

as told to Debbie Kuehn

My Unique Life & WWII

A riveting memoir by a Minnesota Veteran of wars in Europe, Japan and Korea

This is the story of Glen Timm, a sharp young man from the rural Midwest, born in 1922, just in time to be the perfect age to sign up for World War II as the U.S. was in the thick of it. Feeling dejected because of his early hair loss at 17, Glen waived his opportunities to go to university on a scholarship, instead intending to serve overseas. His first choice, the Navy, however, also rejected him for his hair loss and he signed up with the Army instead, shooting to the top of his class at Officer Candidate School, and never looking back as he assumed command of an engineering platoon. – from the preface by Debbie Kuehn

Lost Lake Folk Opera Magazine V1N1

Special Destination Lanesboro issue


Lanesboro. Shipwreckt Books Publishing Company is proud to introduce readers to the first issue of Lost Lake Folk Opera magazine. The arts heartbeat and journalistic pulse of rural Mid-America is available in stores and online now!

LLFO V1-N1 features a close look at LAC’s John Davis through our special Folk Opera Glasses. John talks about the Arts Campus vision being realized right now in Lanesboro.

A post-Romantic lyric clipped from Commonweal resident artist Scott Dixon‘s play, A Midnight Dreary.

Stunning photography by David Tacke.

Enjoy poems – wild geese on iron wings – by Robert Morris, Haley Thompson, Jon Welsh, Anne Barngrover & Eddy J.Rathke.

Mind-bending fiction from Mary Lewis, Solveig Blegen & Lisa Lundquist.

A bramble of essays knitted by Shipwreckt authors Pixie Youngdahl & Nancy Overcott, PLUS an operatic duet, The Nuterator, by Peggy Hanson & Frank Wright.

And Folk Opera editor, Tom Driscoll, digs behind the Dam Mystery of Lost Lake, and offers as well his humble opinion about Opinion.

Guilty literary, graphic and journalistic pleasures from folks you probably thought you knew.

Home is a Place Worth Burying

Haley Thompson

$10.50 – Buy a print copy online


Here is what acclaimed poet Dora Malech, author of Shore Ordered Ocean and Say So, has to say about Haley Thompson‘s poetry: Haley’s poems shimmer with the intimacies of memory and place. They weave the consolation of sparkling specificities through the inevitable truths of loss and time. These are poems that enable us to see our yesterdays and our today anew.

Amazon Reviews—

G. Greene says: Fabulous! Ms Thompson speaks with an authentic voice. This book of poetry is a must read for anyone who enjoys poetry.

Nicole Lockman: Great!! Great book!!! Fun, thoughtful! The title threw me off, but this collection of poems and short stories is pleasantly intriguing!

Living in a Dream


Nancy Overcott

Illustrated by Dana Gardner


In Living in a Dream, Bluff Country Offerings, the esteemed premier edition of Lost Lake Folk Art books, Nancy Overcott and Dana Gardner have teamed-up once again to watch over the birds, as it were, to simultaneously create new works in-the-moment and reflect on the past, on their memories. The result is a study in counterpoint: Nancy’s always lucid prose searching the dark, tangled timber for a spot of intense color, Dana’s sharp, black-ink illustrations leaving the imagination to paint its own image on pure white backdrops.
Nancy and Dana have previously collaborated on At Home in Big Woods (Serpent’s Tale – 2002), Fifty Common Birds of the Upper Midwest (Bur Oak Books 2006), and Fifty Uncommon Birds of the Upper Midwest (Bur Oak Books 2008).
Wood Duck by Dana Gardner