Settling: 100 Snippets of Life of a Mid-Century Woman

Deborah Williams Smith

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Deborah Williams Smith’s Settling lies close to the author’s heart. Fiction based strongly on the lives of real people the author has known and loved over the course of sixty-five years, Settling is comprised of 100 short episodes, Snippets of Life. The tale begins in 1921, providing glimpses of post-WWII England and America as the narrative winds its way to the present day. Like those “camera flash” moments that stand out in a memory, Settling illuminates multiple family stories that entwine in an Anglo-American epic of great passion and evolving wisdom. Repeatedly tempted by Settling for life imagined, as in love is so sweet, the central characters ultimately accept Settling because it is the right thing to do after all.

Much of Settling, Section One, follows the famous 78th Lightning Division as it fights its way across WWII Germany. The mettle of one central character, Laverne, a medic in the 311th Timberwolves Regiment, is tested during the battle for the Bridge at Remagen. After the War, in 1945, during the occupation, the Timberwolves are stationed in the small town of Grebenstein. Combat-weary Laverne falls in love with a young local woman named Erika. Fraternization is strictly prohibited and marriage is not allowed, yet a mid-Century baby is on the way …

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From Gregory Adams: All the while adding the human elements of love and survival, Settling is a collection of interconnected short stories, or “snippets” as the author has named them. These stories detail the lives of ordinary people swept up in extraordinary circumstances, all the while adding the human elements of love and survival, and our bottomless thirst for companionship. Settling reinforces the statement that “Life Happens” by identifying how coincidence comingles with unavoidable fate. The characters are well presented. The author unassumingly introduces them to us throughout the work, and candidly shows how they are products of a century that started out with more horses than automobiles, and ended up twisting out of control with war and global upheaval among its main themes. She shows us, through the weave of the stories and the experiences of the characters, how easily these people could be our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins…and us. Settling will resonate with children of the 20th Century. It in fact serves as a reminder to us all that our circumstances define us as much as we define our circumstances.

ONeil DeNoux says: Captivating short short stories. Well written short short stories based on real events. Deborah Williams Smith takes us through the long years with snippets of life, the good and the bad, the emotional, the human side. Excellent writing and good quick glimpses of captivating characters.

Dawn Laufenberg writes: Great Read Excellent book of short stories! I found I couldn’t put the book down until I had finished it in entirety. I was left wanting to know about the lives of each of the characters. The concept of “settling” was subtly and thoughtfully interwoven throughout the book making the reader ponder ones own life of settling or not settling! Can’t wait to read another book by the author Deborah Williams Smith!

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Glen Timm

as told to Debbie Kuehn

My Unique Life & WWII

A riveting memoir by a Minnesota Veteran of wars in Europe, Japan and Korea

This is the story of Glen Timm, a sharp young man from the rural Midwest, born in 1922, just in time to be the perfect age to sign up for World War II as the U.S. was in the thick of it. Feeling dejected because of his early hair loss at 17, Glen waived his opportunities to go to university on a scholarship, instead intending to serve overseas. His first choice, the Navy, however, also rejected him for his hair loss and he signed up with the Army instead, shooting to the top of his class at Officer Candidate School, and never looking back as he assumed command of an engineering platoon. – from the preface by Debbie Kuehn

The Sailing Master, Book One: Coming of Age

Lee Henschel Jr.

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In 1798 Bonaparte strides across the stage of Europe. He now covets Egypt and the newly commissioned frigate HMS Eleanor deploys into the Mediterranean on a covert mission to help check the tyrant’s ambitions.
Thus begins The Sailing Master . . . a novel of the sea, and the coming of age for its narrator, Owen Harriet. At just twelve years old, Owen joins Eleanor to serve as cabin boy for his uncle, Captain James Cedric. The boy’s mathematical prowess draws the attention of Mr. Lau, Eleanor’s sailing master, and due to the frigate’s heavy losses at sea, Owen quickly advances. But Owen also possesses a secret, the capacity to perceive and comprehend . . . the Sukiyama.

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Paulmer writes: First rate historical nautical novel. The book reads like a hard charging rhinoceros on steroids. I pretty much read it in one sitting and can’t wait for the next one to come out.

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