An epic fantasy by James Petrillo

The last Immortal King of Ashyer has fallen, bringing down the wrath of the dragons: fiery horrors from the sky who have subjugated the races of Ashyer for a thousand years. But there is a new way to cast off the shackles of dragon rule and free Ashyer from the terror of Dragonshade forever. Young Prince Frost possesses a forbidden weapon his father forged in secret, violating centuries-old treaties, and he is willing to wield it to free his people. To do so, he will have to unearth ancient secrets in lost kingdoms, fight his way through countless foes, and even travel to the world of the dragons, which circles Ashyer like a diseased moon.
Frost will first have to unite unlikely allies from across the known world into a team of brave rebels—
*A childhood friend who also happens to be the kingdom’s finest thief,
* An apprentice wizard who will soon command the fury of the storm,
* A strange woman who assumes the guise of a Black Knight,
* A wizened general whose sword can cut through space and whose ferociousness in battle belies his age,
* A waif with striped hair who commands more power than most adult wizards,
* A vigilante woman slinking in alleyways who harbors the greatest secret of all.
Ghosts from the past and even nature herself will rise up to aid Frost in his quest.
But will it be enough?
Here be dragons! You should never, ever cross a dragon unless you are very sure you won’t get burned.