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Your Safety is Our Number One Priority

A fabulous anthology of poetry, short fiction and essays, opinion, photography and graphic arts

$9.99 – buy a print copy online.

Gun oil, hot metal and justice, 9 poems by Nicole Borg – Judy Garland’s Mother, short story by Konnie Ellis – As a man, 2 short essays by John Torgrimson – I know what’s coming, 4 poems by Andy Roberts – Solve for x, photography by Nathan Wagoner.

Fiction and essays
Mr. Maryport, Lee Henschel Jr. – Sold, Jim Joe Ducato – The remarkable cat, Daniel Moeller – Why? John Weiss – Mary Louise, Kate Halverson – Sin and X, C.J. Pickens – Rougher prose, Carole Stoa Senn

Try to stay alive, David L. James – People lived here once, Bart Sutter – Sisters paired, Connie Sanderson – Paired sisters, Nancy Kay Peterson – A wise fool’s song, Robert Wooten – Another and better dream, J. Niko Le – Rapier pen, Mark Gaffney


Moral hazard, Tom Driscoll