Lost Lake Folk Opera

Covid-19 2020 Special Issue

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Writers reflect on Covid-19, the border closings, quarantines, lockdowns; George Floyd and the aftermath of peaceful protests hijacked by riotous smashers, looters, arsonists; U.S. Census work in Boston, Buddhist meditation in Bali, and much more.


Emilio DeGrazia
Larry Gavin
Julie A. Ryan
Louis Martinelli
Emilio Regina
Jennifer Wang
Becky Boling
Steve McCown
Jim Johnson
Waliyullah Tunde Abimbola
A. S. Arcilesi
James Petrillo
Michael Crane
Janet Preus
Dan Butterfass
Neale Torgrimson
Wm. Anthony Connolly
Lee Henschel Jr.
Rob Hardy
Raymond Luczak
David Patt
Mercury-Marvin Sunderland
Roger McKnight
Imani Skipwith
D.E. Green
Justin Watkins
Kemuel DeMoville
Delta Eddy
Tom Driscoll