The Sailing Master, Book Three: Letter of Marque


Lee Henschel Jr.


 Fans of The Sailing Master Books One & Two will want to read the exciting third volume in the Sailing Master Series, Letter of Marque.

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It’s spring 1802. The Treaty of Amiens is no good thing for Owen Harriet. For now he’s been sent ashore, and must survive on half-pay. And while in London he soon discovers that his inheritance has been stolen.

Yet the treaty is also good thing for Owen. It provides time for him to return to Newbury, his childhood home, and to reunite with his dear brother, Albert. Also, Owen learns that his childhood sweetheart, Becca, still loves him.

Thus begins Letter of Marque, the third adventure in The Sailing Master saga. But after three years at sea, Owen has outgrown Newbury. He’s discovered his true purpose . . . to become a sailing master. A fine thing, no doubt, but a great many surprises unfold before him. A covert mission in which HMS Eleanor partakes in a ruse of war to disguise herself as a West African slaver. An armistice between two warring factions forged on a sandbar in Mesurado River, at Monrovia. And the unexpected return of Theophilé Oignon, Owen’s nemesis.

Resolute and genuine, with some new turn of events on nearly every page. Letter of Marque is sure to entertain and enlighten. A lively tale!

Praise for Letter of Marque—

Lee Henschel’s Sailing Master series just keeps getting better. Letter of Marque ramps up the tension as well as the stakes. Henschel’s descriptions of sailing and sea battles in the early nineteenth century are so vivid that you feel like you’re on board HMS Eleanor alongside Owen Harriet and his mates. —Steve McEllistrem, author of the acclaimed Susquehanna Virus series and host of Write On! Radio


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