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“I find the Midwest to be an endless source of inspiration and camaraderie — a talent cohort,” said Tom Driscoll, Managing editor and CEO of Shipwreckt Books.

The Twin Cities are home to a variety of successful independent publishers, and Driscoll said he’s been building connections in the area as the reputation of Shipwreckt Books grows, enabling him to seek out high-quality work.

The hardest part of the job is acquisition.” — choosing to accept a manuscript and stay in it for the long haul, while also reaching an agreement with the author through numerous revisions.

Driscoll takes it seriously when he has someone else’s work in his hands, and so far that care has paid off. “The big secret to my success so far is basically having happy authors,” he said.

Emilio DeGrazia, a Winona author who published his latest book, Eye Shadow, with Shipwreckt in December 2015, said Driscoll is an astute editor who considers not only what will be in a book, but also how it will be presented.