Eros in Autumn

Steven Schild

The rather raw curiosity at the heart of Eros in Autumn, by Steve Schild, is among the many reasons you’re going to admire the short poems you are about to experience. Rather than wither and retire into some social stereotype of what a man, a poet, a professor, husband, son and father ought to write about as he grows long in the tooth, Mr. Schild confronts the sudden change from man to old man head on, challenges his most intimate perceptions and boldly questions the perceptions looking back at him, whether from the candor of a bathroom mirror or the scruples darkening a young woman’s beautiful eyes.—Publisher’s preface by Shipwreckt Managing editor Tom Driscoll
Congratulations to Steven Schild, author of Eros in Autumn (Up On Big Rock Poetry Series, 2014), for bringing home a silver medal for best poetry at the Midwest Book Awards gala. And congratulations to Shipwreckt Books Publishing Company for holding its own against 90 publishers from 11 states.